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Calculation formula

In 2024, the amount of sickness allowance is 70 per cent of a person’s annual income divided by 300, up to an annual income of 35,769 euros. For the annual income exceeding this, the amount of sickness allowance is 20 per cent of the income divided by 300. Partial sickness allowance is half the amount of the sickness allowance a person would be entitled to at the start of their incapacity for work.    In 2024, the following formula is used to calculate the sickness allowance:
Annual income, €Calculation formulas for the sickness allowance, € per working day
Maximum 13.712 Sickness allowance minimum rate
13.713–35. 7690.7 x annual earnings : 300
more than 35.76983.46+ 0.20 x (annual earnings – 35.769) : 300

The same calculation formulas apply to employees and self-employed persons both. For self-employed persons insured under the Self-Employed Persons' (YEL) or Farmers' (MYEL) Pensions Acts, an annual income is defined as the annual earnings under the YEL or MYEL schemes. Insurance contributions are deducted from the wages and salaries or salary for insurance purposes included in the annual earned income. In 2024 this deduction is 8.95 per cent. There is no corresponding deduction from earnings under the YEL and MYEL schemes. 

Last modified 8/1/2024