Additional front-veteran’s supplement

Pensioners who are living in Finland and paid a national pension and a front-veteran’s supplement may be eligible for an additional front-veteran’s supplement. It is not payable to persons who have participated in mine clearance operations.


The additional front-veteran's supplement is equal to 25–45 percent of the amount by which the recipient's national pension exceeds EUR 91.33 per month.

The highest possible additional front-veteran’s supplement is paid to pension recipients who do not receive pensions that reduce the amount of the supplement, such as pensions from abroad.

The maximum amount of the additional front-veteran's supplement is

  • for persons living alone EUR 232.64 per month
  • for persons living together with another person EUR 230.86 per month

The additional front-veteran’s supplement is free from tax. 

The additional front-veteran’s supplement is paid on the 7th day of the month, in the same way as the front-veteran’s supplement and the national pension.

Disability supplement for war veterans

If you are paid additional front-veteran's supplement and care allowance for pensioners at the middle or highest rate, Kela will pay you a disability supplement.

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