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Are you about to retire?

  1. Information about your earnings-related pension is available from your authorised pension provider
    The authorised pension providers pay out pensions that are based on employment or self-employment.
    Go to the e-service of your pension provider (use your online banking user ID and password to log into the service). Please note that our e-service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

  2. Find out if you could receive a pension from Kela
    You can receive an old-age pension from Kela, if your earnings-related pension is small or if you receive no earnings-related pension.
    Read about the old-age pension
  3. Find out if you could receive a guarantee pension
    The guarantee pension provides a minimum pension to pensioners with low income.
    Read about the guarantee pension

What else is going on in your life?

  • Do you have medical or medicine expenses?

    You can receive reimbursement for the costs of private healthcare services and prescription medicines prescribed for an illness. Read about what kinds of expenses can be reimbursed.

  • Do you use Kela taxis?

    Kela provides reimbursements for taxi rides to persons who, due to their health or poor traffic conditions, need help with transport to and from healthcare providers.

  • Is someone else managing your Kela affairs?

    If you have Kela-related affairs that you cannot or do not wish to manage independently, you can authorise someone to do so on your behalf. It is possible to manage another person’s affairs by phone, by mail, by visiting a customer service point, and partially online. Read about acting on behalf of someone else.

  • When money is tight

    If you have a very low income despite receiving other benefits from Kela, you should find out if you are eligible for social assistance.

Current topics 

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Kela will continue paying pensions abroad as normal 

Government has outlined plans to stop paying national pensions to recipients outside Finland. Kela does not currently have detailed information on when the plan will be implemented.  We will continue payments for the time being.

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