How to report changes that will affect your child care allowances

If you receive child home care allowance or private day care allowance you must report the following changes to Kela without delay:

  • if the child is granted a place in municipal day care. Child home care allowance and private day care allowance are not paid if the child is in municipal day care. 
  • if the child day care details change (e.g. time or place of day care, day care fee or day care provider).
  • when the child is enrolled in pre-primary education or a free pre-primary education trial for children under 5
  • start or end of cohabitation, if you receive care supplement, since the supplement is affected by family size
  • change in income, if you receive care supplement, since the supplement is affected by the income of the whole family
  • if the family moves to another municipality.
  • if the family or child travels abroad for more than 3 months. Also report a move to the Åland Islands
  • if your or your spouse’s/partner’s employment situation changes so that it affects the extent of the child’s right to early childhood education.

If you receive flexible or partial care allowance you must report the following changes to Kela:

  • if your working hours change
  • if the employment ends or
  • if insurance under the Self-Employed Persons' or Farmers' Pensions Acts ends
  • if you move abroad or to the Åland Islands.

Report changes online. To log in to the online service, use your bank ID and password or a mobile certificate. You can also call the customer service number for families with children.

Which changes need not be reported?

  • If another child is born to the family, Kela gets information on this from the Population Register Centre. The child home care allowance and the private day care allowance are adjusted when the mother claims maternity allowance for the newborn child.
  • If the family moves within the same municipality, since Kela receives the information from the Population Register Centre.

Annual review of care supplement

Kela reviews the amount of the care supplement annually. Complete the form Notification of changes – Child care allowance (WH 12e) enclosed with the letter about the annual review and send it to the nearest Kela's customer service points. Check the return address determined by your place of residence. Alternatively you can complete and save the form in PDF format. Send the form via the e-service system using the message function.

After the review Kela issues a decision on the new care supplement. The care supplement is increased retrospectively for a maximum of 6 months from the notification of the change.

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