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OmaKela e-service

OmaKela is Kela’s e-service for individual customers.

Managing your Kela-related affairs online is convenient, because you can do so anytime and anywhere. Your application and supporting documents reach Kela right away. In OmaKela, you can also see if any information or documentation is missing from your application.

You can use the OmaKela e-service to:

  • apply for benefits
  • send supporting documents
  • look up decisions on your applications
  • check payment dates and benefit amounts
  • report changes
  • send and read messages. 

Frequently asked questions about the e-service

You can use OmaKela to apply for all benefits.

See how to apply for benefits.

If you want to know whether you can get specific benefits, you should first read up on them and their eligibility criteria. Use an online calculator (in Finnish and Swedish) to check whether you might be eligible.

After that, submit your application online. By completing the application carefully and including all of the necessary documents, you can help to speed up the processing of your application.

On the OmaKela front page you see a summary of all matters you have pending. At ‘Oma asiointi’, you can check if you have received messages or requests for further information, as well as look up decisions and payment dates. You will also see whether your application is being processed and an estimate showing how long it will take.

If you are the guardian of an underage child or have authorisation to act on behalf of another adult, you can use OmaKela to apply for certain benefits for the person you are representing as well as to submit documentation in support of the application. 

On the OmaKela front page, you can track the progress of the application and view payment details on behalf of your child or the person who authorised you. 

Read more about acting on someone else’s behalf in OmaKela.

Stop receiving paper mail and speed up the handling process

Visit the OmaKela e-service to give your consent to receive messages, letters and decision notices from us electronically. You will be notified by text message or e-mail whenever you have new mail in OmaKela.

Do as follows if you wish to give up paper documents


Digital support

If you need help managing your Kela-related affairs online, you can access Kela’s digital support services, designed for all who prefer to deal with Kela independently.

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Last modified 19/6/2024