Family benefits in international situations

Kela also pays benefits to families with children in cross-border situations. Such benefits are, for example, maternity grant, child benefit, parental allowance and child care allowance.

If you apply for a benefit for the first time after moving to Finland and your entitlement to benefits provided by Kela has not been determined, you should report your move to Finland online (Finnish or Swedish). You can also complete the form Moving to Finland Y 77e (pdf) and send the completed form to Kela.

If you have been denied a benefit you have claimed and your circumstances change, you can apply for the benefit again. A change in circumstances can be for instance more working hours or higher pay so that the minimum entitlement criteria are met. Also in this case you should file a notification on moving to Finland online (Finnish or Swedish) or enclose the form Moving to Finland Y 77e (pdf) with your application.

Read more about the payment of benefits abroad if you receive a benefit from Kela and you are about to move abroad.

From other countries to Finland

If you move to Finland from another EU or EEA country or from Switzerland, family benefits are paid by your country of origin until the end of the month of your move. Your eligibility for family benefits from Finland starts from the beginning of the month following your move.

From Finland to another country

You must always notify Kela if you move abroad or live outside Finland, even if only temporarily. You must also notify Kela when you have returned to Finland. Your eligibility for family benefits from Kela when living abroad depends on whether you are moving abroad on a temporary or permanent basis. Employment abroad also has an effect on the payment of benefits.

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