Returning to Finland

  1. Notify Kela if you return to Finland. If you are still covered under the Finnish social security system, it is enough to call a Kela's customer service points to let us know that you are returning to Finland.
  2. You can also notify your return to Finland online (available in Finnish and Swedish only).
  3. When you apply for a benefit Kela determines whether you are considered to be permanently resident in Finland or if you can become entitled to Kela benefits on the basis of your employment. 
  4. You can apply for Kela benefits and the Kela card via Kela’s e-service (available in Finnish and Swedish only). 

To qualify for parental benefits or for national pensions, you will have to meet certain residency requirements. If you moved to Finland from another EU/EEA country or from Switzerland, you will normally be able to count any periods of insurance completed there towards the Finnish residence requirements. 

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