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Service numbers

Families, students, unemployed and housing 020 634 2550020 634 2550

  • military or civilian service
  • families with children
  • housing
  • social assistance
  • students (Healthcare fee for students in higher education)
  • unemployed

Health and pensions 020 634 2650020 634 2650

  • disability
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Kela card
  • pensioners
  • rehabilitation
  • sickness

International situations 020 634 0200020 634 0200

If your matter concerns housing benefits, housing allowance for pensioners, social assistance, financial aid for students or child maintenance allowance, call the other service numbers.

Customers with a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons 020 635 3500020 635 3500

Overpayment Recovery Centre 020 634 4940020 634 4940

  • open weekdays 10:00 to 15:00

Overpayment Recovery Centre

If you don't know which service number to call, choose a number that best corresponds your situation. If needed, we will forward you to the right number.

Call Kela in other languages

If necessary, you can also handle your matters with the help of an interpreter.

Exceptions to opening hours 

Our phone service is closed during weekends and holidays. 

Calling rates

Calls to Kela’s phone service, including the wait times, are subject to charges.

Depending on your phone plan, the following rates apply:

  • local network rate, when calling from a fixed line
  • mobile network rate, when calling from a mobile phone
  • international rate as applicable.

If calling from outside Finland, first dial +358 followed by the telephone number of your choice without the first zero. E.g., Health and pensions, +358 20 634 2650.

If you have a phone plan with limited talk, ask your operator if calls beginning with 020 are included.

Callback service

Our telephone service uses a callback service, through which the customer can ask Kela to call the customer back. The callback service is available for almost all service numbers. 

The request to call back is made for the phone number from which you call Kela. If you have blocked your number so that it does not show to the recipient, you cannot make a callback request.

If you make a callback request, Kela’s customer service specialist will call you back once. If we cannot reach you, you will get a text message from Kela, asking you to call Kela’s telephone service again.

Phone calls from Kela to individual customers typically come from one of two numbers: 020 692 219 or 020 634 1611. When Kela calls you back, the call is free of charge for you. 

Recording of phone calls

Kela records incoming and outgoing calls in the customer service.

Feedback survey

Kela monitors customers’ satisfaction with our services through an SMS survey. The feedback survey is sent from 018 444 033, 018 444 034, or 018 444 569. Participating in the survey does not cost you anything. You can read more about our feedback surveys in the About Kela section.

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