Meal subsidy

If you are in higher education, you are eligible for discounted meals at participating student restaurants.


You can get a meal subsidy if you are based in Finland and are completing

  • a bachelor’s level university degree
  • a master’s level university degree
  • a bachelor's level degree in a university of applied sciences
  • a master’s level degree in a university of applied sciences
  • a university-level occupational or specialisation programme that qualifies you for a meal subsidy.

You can qualify even if you are not a Finnish citizen. If you are attending a higher education institution in Finland as an exchange student, you qualify for the meal subsidy for the duration of your exchange.

There is no eligibility in the following situations:

  • You are in Finland to participate in job training which is part of a higher education degree you are completing outside Finland.
  • You study in Finland but attend a foreign or private institution of higher education (such as Estonian Business School).
  • You do not attend an institution of higher education.

Amount and payment

The meal subsidy is €1.94 per meal. The subsidy is deducted from the price of the meal at the student restaurant. You pay the discounted price. The subsidy is available for one meal per day.

How to qualify

You qualify for the meal subsidy at the student restaurant by

  • presenting a valid student ID card issued by SAMOK or SYL (digital student cards also accepted)
  • presenting a meal subsidy card issued by Kela
  • paying for the meal with the Lyyra payment sticker.

If you do not have a student ID card but are completing studies that qualify you for the meal subsidy, you can get a meal subsidy card from your school. The meal subsidy is not available with a post-graduate student ID card or a VR/Matkahuolto student card.

Student restaurants

Go to the student restaurant finder to see which student restaurants participate in the meal subsidy programme.

Further information