Power of attorney

You can issue a power of attorney to authorise someone to manage your Kela-related affairs by phone, by mail or by visiting a customer service point.

What is the holder of a power of attorney empowered to do?

You decide what actions someone with your power of attorney can take. You can empower them to manage all of your benefit-related affairs or only a certain benefit or specific issue. For example, you can authorise them to apply for a specific benefit.

A separate power of attorney is always required to change your bank account details.

A power of attorney can also be used to file an appeal on someone’s behalf. If the power of attorney is issued on a Kela form, it must include text indicating that the power of attorney is for handling an appeal. However, a power of attorney is not needed if the other person has previously had a power of attorney for the same purpose.

A power of attorney may state that the holder can have access to essential confidential information.

How to draw up a power of attorney

You can draw up a power of attorney

Any power of attorney you draw up in your own words must include the following:

  • sufficient details identifying both the person granting the power of attorney and the person(s) authorised
  • details on what the power of attorney covers
  • information about whether the authorised person may be given confidential information about the person granting the authorisation (the authorisation can be for access to benefit-related, financial or health information)
  • period of validity (e.g. for a specified period or indefinitely)
  • signature and printed name of the person granting the authorisation; place and date.

How to provide the power of attorney to Kela

You can provide the power of attorney to Kela in the OmaKela e-service or by mail, or you can hand it in at a customer service point.

Using OmaKela to provide the power of attorney

You do not have to sign the power of attorney if you logged in to OmaKela with your own credentials. However, another person cannot send a power of attorney on your behalf in the OmaKela e-service.

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