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You are free to visit any of Kela’s customer service points or a joint service point.

It is not possible to call Kela’s customer service points. Telephone service is provided by our customer service numbers for different life situations.

Some customer service points you can visit only by appointment. You can book an appointment by calling one of several customer service phone numbers that give help with different situations.

When you visit a Kela customer service point you need an ID, for instance your passport or driving licence. If you act on behalf of another person, you need both your own ID and a limited power of attorney from this other person.

Kela customer service points offer personal advice in all Kela-related matters. If needed, an appointment for telephone assistance or a new appointment for a visit to a customer service point can be scheduled for you. At the customer service point, service is provided by Kela staff.

At the joint service point, you can handle matters related to Kela, the municipality and several other public authorities. Kela’s application forms and brochures are available at the service point and you can get general guidance on how to apply for Kela benefits and use Kela’s e-services. You can also file applications. At the joint service point, service is provided by the municipality’s employees.

If you have a means of identification with you, i.e. online banking credentials or a mobile certificate, you can handle your Kela-related matters at a self-service computer at the service points.

You can visit the service points with a guide dog.

Service points by region

In the following, you see Kela’s customer service points by region. Information about the joint service points is available at

Last modified 22/2/2024

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