Privacy statements concerning benefit processing

This page contains the privacy statements for registers of data relating to customer service and benefit processing.

If you have questions about the statements, please contact Kela's customer service, a Kela service point or the person mentioned in the statement. Inquiries can be sent to Kela’s appointed privacy officer by e-mail at tietosuoja(at)

Privacy statement for Kela’s appointment booking system

Privacy statement for recorded phone calls with customers, second-line support phone calls and chat conversations

Privacy statement for the Kela benefit register

Appendix to the privacy statement for Kela’s Benefit Register: Appendix 1 Types of data included in the register

Privacy statement for Kela’s administrative oversight system for the management of benefit fraud

Privacy statement for the register on permissions to order a European Disability Card

Privacy statement for reporting the efficacy of rehabilitation measures

Privacy statement for the service provider register

Privacy statement for a register of personal data concerning the direct reimbursement procedure used in connection with taxi trips reimbursable under the Health Insurance Act

Privacy statement for the interpreter service for persons with disabilities

Privacy statement for the collection of the healthcare fee payable by higher education students

Privacy statement for the interpreter service for the disabled

Privacy statement for Kela’s Benefit Register

Register for processing permissions to order an EU Disability Card

Privacy statement for the system used to record customer phone calls, second-line support phone calls and chat conversations, and video conference sessions with emergency responders