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Appealing a decision made by the Appeals Management Centre

If you think the decision by Kela’s Appeals Management Centre is wrong, you can appeal the decision to the Administrative Court in your region. There are six regional Administrative Courts in Finland.   

Do as follows

  1. File the appeal in writing within 37 days of the date of mailing of the decision you received from the Appeals Management Centre. The date of mailing is shown on the decision.
  2. Send the letter of appeal and the supporting documents to the Administrative Court for the region where your place of domicile is located. If you do not have a place of domicile in Finland, the documents should be sent to Helsinki Administrative Court.
  3. When the Administrative Court has decided the case, you will receive a decision to your home address by post. If you think the decision is wrong, you can request a leave to appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.
  4. If the Administrative Court has changed or repealed the decision of the Appeals Management Centre, you will receive a new decision from Kela and the amount of basic social assistance that had been left unpaid is automatically paid to you if the decision entails such payment.

Contact information to the Administrative Courts

Helsinki Administrative Court
Sörnäistenkatu 1
00580 Helsinki
Tel. 029 56 42069

Hämeenlinnan hallinto-oikeus
Raatihuoneenkatu 1
13100 Hämeenlinna
Tel. 029 56 42210

Itä-Suomen hallinto-oikeus
PO Box 1744
70101 Kuopio
Tel. 029 56 42502

Pohjois-Suomen hallinto-oikeus
PO Box 189
90101 Oulu
Tel. 029 56 42800

Turun hallinto-oikeus
PO Box 32
20101 Turku
Tel. 029 56 42410

Vaasan hallinto-oikeus
PO Box 204
65101 Vaasa
Tel. 029 56 42780

Supreme Administrative Court
PO Box 180
00131 Helsinki
Tel. 029 56 40200

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