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Amount and payment of basic assistance

The full amount of basic assistance is equal to the national pension.

The full rate of the basic assistance in 2024 is EUR 775.70 per month.

Its amount depends not only on the net family income (after deduction of tax) but also on the number of qualifying family members. The first family member gets the full amount of assistance. The second gets 50% of the full amount, while the third and all additional family members get 30% of the full amount.


Kela pays the basic assistance on the first business day of the month. Amounts less than €5.04 are not paid.


The conscript's allowance is free from tax.

Basic assistance: A case example

Harri, a conscript, lives together with his common-law partner Satu and their 2-year-old son Leevi. Satu looks after Leevi while receiving child home care allowance (€434.85 per month after taxes). The family has no other source of income because Harri has no employment income while performing his service. They live in a rental apartment. Their total payments for rent, water and electricity are €572 per month.

The conscript's allowance is calculated by subtracting the family's net income from the combined amount of their housing costs (rent, water and electricity) and the basic assistance due to them. Child benefits are not subtracted.

Kela pays conscript's allowance as follows:

€572.00 + €775.70 (basic assistance for Satu) + €387.85 (basic assistance for Leevi) – €434.85 = €1 300.70 per month.

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