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How income affects the conscript's allowance

Eligibility for the conscript’s allowance is affected by the net income available to the conscript or a family member qualifying for the allowance. The amount of the allowance is reduced by an amount equal to the net income.

There is, however, an exempt amount of €300 per month on wage and salary income and income from self-employment. The exempt amount refers to the net amount, i.e. the amount after tax, that a conscript can earn per month, without it affecting the amount of conscript’s allowance.


Alex, who is entering conscript service, pays a rent of €750 per month for his flat. He applies for conscript’s allowance to pay for his rent. While on leave, Alex works part-time earning about €400 per month after taxes. Because of the €300 exempt amount, only €100 of Alex's salary will affect the amount of conscript’s allowance. He is paid €650 per month in conscript’s allowance.

Income that affects 

  • wages and salaries (including fringe benefits), minus taxes and contributions to earnings-related pension insurance and unemployment insurance
  • business and self-employment income as relevant for Self-Employed Persons' Pension Insurance (YEL).
  • farming income as relevant for Farmers' Pension Insurance (MYEL).
  • social security benefits minus taxes
  • other types of net income than those listed below.

The following are not considered as income


Assets or the income on assets do not affect the eligibility or amount of the conscript's allowance.