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Notification of changes

Please remember that you must notify Kela without delay if your circumstances change in a way that might affect your eligibility for the Conscript's Allowance. This includes such changes as

  • interruption or end of service
  • change of the conscript's or his/her family member's income or
  • end of maintenance liability for a child or change in legal guardianship.

Kela will review the eligibility for the Conscript's Allowance if the circumstances of the recipient or an eligible family member change or the need for the Allowance changes. Such changes include starting work and the birth of a child. Eligibility is reviewed starting from the date when the change took place. For instance, if you start work or your child is born on 16 May, your eligibility will be reviewed starting from that date.

An eligibility review is not triggered by a change of income resulting from a one-time payment in respect of a past period.

Last modified 22/4/2021

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