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Special assistance

Kela may grant special assistance towards necessary and reasonable expenses such as the following:

  • other than minor health care expenses (e.g. prescribed drugs, hospital charges, dental expenses, and the cost of eye examinations and the purchase of eyeglasses)
  • child care expenses (including pram, pushchair, bed or infant car seat)
  • the interest on a student loan taken out by a family member of the conscript
  • moving costs
  • burial costs
  • commuting costs exceeding €750 per year.

Special assistance is not available towards the purchase of furniture or home appliances or the repair of appliances. Also, no assistance is available towards child care costs if the child is born after the month in which the service ended.

Payment of special assistance requires that the basic assistance does not cover your expenses and you are unable to get any other financial assistance.

The special assistance covers only the reasonable costs of the spouse/partner or child of the person in active service, and only to the extent that the costs are payable during the service or in the last month of service. Special assistance cannot be granted retroactively. It is therefore important to claim it during the month in which you made a qualifying purchase or a bill is due.

Who can get?

Special assistance is paid to the spouse/partner and children of the person performing conscript or other service. It is not paid to the person performing their service.

You qualify as a family member if you are

  • a married spouse or registered partner
  • a cohabiting partner who has a child with the person in active service
  • a child who is in the custody of the person in active service.

Cohabiting partners are not considered family members if they do not have a child with the person performing their service.

Married spouses or registered partners cannot get special assistance if they have moved out of the dwelling they have shared with their spouse or partner because the relationship has ended.


Kela pays special assistance on any day on which banks are open for business.

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Last modified 8/6/2023

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