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How to apply for an earnings-related pension on the basis of a degree

If you completed your degree in Finland, you need not do anything. The Finnish Centre for Pensions gathers information on completed degrees from the student databases and the educational institutions. If you have completed a degree abroad, tell Kela about it.

  1. Send the form using the OmaKela e-service (please note that our e-service is only available in Finnish and Swedish):
    • Save the form and attachments on your device.
    • If the form or attachments are on paper, you can photograph or scan them.
    • Log in to our e-service OmaKela and select Viestit (Messages).
    • Under Aihe (Subject), select Opiskelijan asiat and then Muu asia.
    • Choose the files on your device and press Lähetä (Send).
    • When you send the form online you don’t need to sign it.
  2. Kela will communicate the necessary information to the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Alternatively you can complete and print out the form Notification of degree completed in a foreign educational institution OT 29e (PDF). Send your form by post along with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

You can check the information by consulting your pension record. The earliest that the information will show up in your record is the summer in the year following graduation or notification.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions and the authorised pension providers are responsible for issuing decisions and providing advice on earnings-related pensions.

Last modified 16/2/2024

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