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Do you need an interpreter?

Our customers are entitled to free-of-charge interpretation services if it is not possible to handle matters with Kela in the customer's mother tongue and if no other common language is found with the Kela employee. A Kela employee or an outside professional interpreter who speaks the relevant language may act as interpreter. The interpreter is obliged to maintain confidentiality.

It is recommended to use interpreter services

  • especially at the initial stage of contact with Kela
  • when you do not understand a decision or letter sent by Kela
  • in matters of correction, recovery or misuse, if the initiative was taken by Kela.

In general matters which are not relevant from the point of view of the customer's legal protection a relative or friend of the customer may also act as interpreter. However, persons under 18 years of age may not act as interpreters.

Instant interpretation in Kela service points, with no appointment needed

Most Kela service points offer instant interpretation, with no appointment needed. Kela’s customer service specialists can contact an interpreter immediately by phone or on a tablet computer. Instant interpretation is most useful in brief customer service interactions.

Instant interpretation temporarily not available

Instant interpretation is temporarily not available. During the interruption, foreign-language customers can contact Kela through an interpreter that has been booked in advance. Instructions on how to book an interpreter can be found below.

How to book an interpreter

If you have someone who can book an interpreter for you or if you are able to book an interpreter yourself in Finnish, Swedish or English, the booking can be done by calling Kela's service number. In other cases you can visit the nearest  Kela's customer service points or other service point, where you can arrange the matter face-to-face.

The time of appointment for which the interpreter is booked is agreed between Kela, the customer and the interpreter.If necessary, the interpretation can also be arranged as remote interpretation over the phone.

If you need interpretation due to deafness or speech impairment, see more detailed instructions about interpretation services for disabled persons (only in Finnish and in Swedish).

You can also empower another person to handle matters for you. More information about handling matters by power of attorney.

If you want to handle matters with Kela in Sámi, please read the more detailed instructions on our site in Sámi.

Last modified 18/1/2024

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