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Interpreter services for students

Interpreter services for post-comprehensive school studies

Interpreter services for students are interpretation that you need for studies after basic education. You can apply for interpreter services for students if you have been granted the right to use interpreter services.

Interpreter services for students can be granted for the following studies:

  • studies leading to a degree or qualification (studies at an upper secondary school/senior high school, institute of vocational education, university of applied sciences or university)
  • studies facilitating entry into vocational education or employment
  • studies supporting continued participation or advancement in working life
  • preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification (TUVA) in upper secondary school or a vocational institute.

You can use interpreter services for students as much as you need. Interpreter services for students do not reduce the number of hours of other interpreter service you have been granted.

Interpreter services for students are not available for:

  • courses taken in an adult education centre (kansalaisopisto or työväenopisto)
  • driver’s education
  • apprenticeship training

Interpreter services for students can be provided for

  • class or workshop training
  • job training in Finland or abroad
  • classroom teaching as part of teacher training
  • evaluation and feedback sessions with a teacher
  • student guidance and counselling
  • thesis guidance
  • team projects (at the school and during regular working hours) and consultations with other students on how to divide up the work and set up a schedule
  • obligatory online courses and lectures containing spoken segments which require interpretation
  • exams and competence-based assessments
  • visits to a student healthcare provider during a day on which the school is in session
  • collecting data for a thesis (e.g. interviews)
  • for students with speech impairments, making minor updates in their communication folder or application to the extent required by the studies
  • instructing a student with a hearing and vision impairment to navigate the trip to and from school
  • excursions and fact-finding trips in Finland and abroad and comparable events related to the studies
  • phone interpretation provided during a break or recess which could include discussing matters not related to studies.

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Last modified 11/5/2023

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