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Do you need interpreter assistance because of a disability?

  1. Learn more about the interpreter services provided by Kela

    You can get interpreter assistance in a variety of situations, including work, studies and hobbies.  The available interpreting methods include sign language, sign-supported speech, speech-to-text interpreting and communication methods intended for persons with speech impairment.
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  2. Apply for the right to interpreter services

    When applying for interpreter services for the first time, you will need a statement from a healthcare and social welfare professional or other professional that indicates your need for interpretation.
    Submit your application for interpreter services to Kela

  3. Book a guidance appointment

    You can get guidance on how to use the interpreter services and how to book an interpreter. Instructions on how to book a guidance appointment are provided with the decision on your right to interpreter services.
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  4. Book an interpreter
    Booking an interpreter can be done in many ways, for example online or by phone. Book an on-site interpreter or choose remote interpretation.
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