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Medical treatment in international situations

Medical treatment in international situations means that you receive treatment in some other country than your country of residence or that your country of residence is not responsible for the costs for medical treatment.

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Medical care in Finland

Kela will check if you are entitled to medical care and reimbursements of medical costs in Finland.

Medical care abroad

Before going abroad, you should find out well in advance how you can access healthcare in the country you are going to.

If you become ill in Finland 

Kela will reimburse the costs for private healthcare service, medicine purchases and travel costs in connection with medical care.

Medical care abroad 

When you travel or stay temporarily in an EU or EEA country or Switzerland, you can obtain medically necessary treatment if you have a European Health Insurance Card.

Who pays for your care? 

The country that provided the treatment will invoice Finland for the costs for the treatment. Although you may not have to pay for the treatment, Finland will still receive an invoice for the expenses.

Seeking medical treatment in Finland 

You can come to Finland for treatment in the public or private healthcare system.

Seeking medical treatment abroad

Seeking medical treatment abroad means that you travel from your country of residence to another country to obtain treatment there.

Last modified 22/4/2021