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Kela's Management Team

Kela’s Management Team handles matters that will be presented to the Board and is responsible for implementing Kela’s strategy in line with the directives and decisions of the Board.

Chair: Outi Antila, Director General

Outi Antila.

The Director General is responsible for strategic management, planning and operational development. The Director General also brings matters before the Board and implements the Board’s decisions. Furthermore, the Director General prepares Kela’s rules of procedure. The rules of procedure are decided on by Kela’s Board.

Management Support Unit, Communications Unit and Kela's Internal Audit report directly to the Director General.

Deputy chairs

Kari-Pekka Mäki-Lohiluoma, Director, Deputy Director General

Kari-Pekka Mäki-Lohiluoma.

Director Mäki-Lohiluoma's areas of responsibility include the Benefit Services, Customer Relations and Information Services business units. He is responsible for the directing and planning of matters related to these business units.

Nina Nissilä, Director

Nina Nissilä.

Director Nissilä’s areas of responsibility include responsibility include IT Services and Shared Services business units. She is responsible for the directing and planning of matters related to these business units.

Members of Kela's Management Team

Jukka Helin, Director of Shared Services

Jukka Helin.

Sari Hänninen, Director, Unit for Nationwide Customer Service

Sari Hänninen.

Antti Jussila, Director, Unit for Local Customer Service

Antti Jussila.

Pipsa Lotta Marjamäki, Director of Communications

Pipsa Lotta Marjamäki.

Arto Vuori, Director of Information Services

Arto Vuori.

Jukka Melanen, Director of IT Services

Jukka Melanen.


Member of the Management Team and Secretary

Heli Korhola, Director, Management Support Unit and Director of Strategy

Heli Korhola.


Staff representative

Tuula Hällfors-Laaksonen, chief shop steward

Tuula Hällfors-Laaksonen.

Last modified 13/3/2024