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Rectification request concerning a decision made by Kela

A decision on social assistance can be appealed through a rectification request. File the appeal within 37 days of the date of mailing of your social assistance decision. The date of mailing is shown on the decision.

Kela’s Appeals Management Centre processes rectification requests concerning decisions on basic social assistance. The Appeals Management Centre is separate from the rest of the organisation responsible for reviewing applications for benefit. A decision on social assistance can be appealed through a rectification request.

Do as follows

Appeal online (in Finnish or in Swedish). This service is intended solely for rectification requests. It cannot be used to apply for social assistance or to submit supporting documentation. Use the function for appeals only when filing a rectification request. You can submit documentation relating to your rectification request within a day of making the request.
Rectification requests made online are forwarded to the Appeals Management Centre.

Alternatively, the rectification request can also be made by letter. You can use a standard form (PDF). The rectification request can also be formulated freely. However, a rectification request cannot be made orally.

State at least the following information:

  • your name, personal identity code, address and telephone number 
  • the decision you are appealing 
  • how you want the decision to be changed 
  • why you want the decision to be changed

Sign the rectification request. The rectification request can be signed by the applicant, a family member of full legal age, a trustee or other legal representative. Send the written rectification request by post or hand it in to one of Kela’s customer service locations.

Address to the Appeals Management Centre

Kela, Oikaisuvaatimuskeskus
PO Box 10
00056 Kela

Customer service number, social assistance: 020 634 2550

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