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Amount of the compensation

Usually you receive reimbursement for rehabilitative psychotherapy already in connection with the visit. If this is not the case, you can claim reimbursement from Kela afterwards. Read more about psychoteraphy invoices.

Maximum compensation amounts in rehabilitative psychotherapyEUR per visit
Individual therapy57.60
Parental guidance57.60
Group therapy42.05
Parental guidance42.05
Couples and family therapy/hour63.91
Couples and family therapy/1.5 hours95.87
Arts or music therapy as individual therapy (16 to 26 year-olds)57.60
Parental guidance


Arts or music therapy as group therapy (16 to 26 year-olds)42.05
Parental guidance


Summary statement on rehabilitative psychotherapy

Summary statement on rehabilitative psychotherapy (psychiatrist)34.84


The maximum compensation is often smaller than the fee charged by the therapist, which means that you will have to pay part of the cost yourself.