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Remote service

Remote service means Kela’s customer service over a remote connection. Customer service points with a remote service option have a self-service computer that you can use to have a videoconference with a Kela staff member.

Via the remote service you can get personal advice and can conduct your business just as if you were visiting Kela’s customer service point. The remote service thus corresponds to service at Kela’s customer service points.

Where is remote service available?

Remote service is available at many municipal service points. Check the customer service locator for details on the nearest service point where you can access Kela's remote service.

You can also access remote service at the offices of other Kela partner organisations, including the Ohjaamo guidance centres, the Lähitori service centres, the Virtu service points in Lapland, and wellbeing centres and service centres around the country.

To look up the remote service locations hosted by partner organisations, use the map service.

For which types of situation can the remote service be used?

You can use the remote service when you need personal advice in Kela matters. The remote service is comparable to service at one of Kela’s customer service points.

You can use the remote service when you need

  • personal advice and guidance regarding Kela benefits
  • help with filing an application
  • help with using the e-service.

How does the remote service function?

The remote service functions over the computer’s video and audio connection. The personnel at the remote service point can help you open the connection.

Remote service in sign language, Northern Sami and Skolt Sami

Kela provides remote service from your home in sign language, in North Sámi and in Skolt Sámi.

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