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Basic social assistance for conscripts

Before applying for basic social assistance, find out if you are entitled to a conscript’s allowance. It is the primary benefit for persons performing conscript or alternative civilian service.

The basic, additional and special amounts of the conscript's allowance cover the same amount of expenses as basic social assistance as well as a share of other basic expenses. You are also paid a daily allowance and have the right, among other things, to free transportation to and from your duty site, to go on leave, or to visit a healthcare provider.

You are not eligible for the basic amount of basic social assistance because you get free lodging, food and clothes at your place of service. Also during leaves, you have the option of staying back at your place of service in order to get free food and lodging.

However, you may be able to get basic social assistance towards some other basic expenditures (such as home insurance payments), which the conscript’s allowance does not cover.


Jesse lives in a rented studio apartment. He will begin conscript service in January and applies to Kela for help with his housing costs under the conscript's allowance scheme. He is granted €650 per month, which is the same amount as his rent.

In March Jesse gets a home insurance bill for €80, which he is unable to pay out of his cash funds or savings. Jesse applies to Kela for basic social assistance. He completes the application and submits the necessary supporting documents online.

Jesse gets €80 of basic social assistance to cover his home insurance bill. Jesse can choose to have it paid to himself or directly to the insurance company.

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