Bank statements and basic social assistance

If you are applying for basic social assistance from Kela for the first time, or if you haven’t applied for some time, you must provide a bank statement with your application. A bank statement is needed for each domestic or foreign account that any of your family members has, and the statement must cover the last two months.

If you are submitting a follow-up application, please check your last decision as to whether you must provide bank statements. Look up the section of the decision titled “What to do next” to see what bank statements or other supporting documentation you must provide with your next application.

You can speed up the review of your application by including a bank statement with it. If your application is missing a bank statement or other necessary documents, Kela will call you to ask for the missing documentation. You may also be sent a message or letter requesting you to provide the documentation. If you do not provide a requested document, your application will be denied.

Type of bank statement required

The bank statement must show the account number, the name of the account holder, the initial and final balance on the account, the purpose of the account, a complete list of transactions, and the period which the statement covers.

A list of the transactions in the account (instead of a bank account) is accepted only if it shows the account number and current balance and if the list of transactions is complete. An ATM slip or a screenshot showing the transactions on your account are not accepted.

How to send supporting documents to Kela

Send your bank statements and other documents in support of your application for social assistance by signing in to Kela’s e-service at (in Finnish) or (in Swedish).

First go to your online bank and save the bank statements in the PDF format, or take a screenshot. You can also scan or take a photograph of the statements. It is important to include all of the pages of the bank statement.

You can use the e-service for example by visting a Kela customer service point, most of which have public-access computers, scanners and printers. The service point staff can show you how to use them.

Alternatively, you can submit the original paper statements by mail.

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