The national incomes register lessens the need to send supporting documentation

Kela will start using the data gathered in the national incomes register for benefit determinations. At the same time, there will be less need to send supporting documentation to Kela. This way, it will become easier to apply for Kela benefits.

What data does Kela receive from the national incomes register?

Employers report wages and salaries as well as other data to the national incomes register starting from January 2019. The employer must report the data to the register within 5 calendar days of the payment of a wage or salary. Kela starts using the data in the national incomes register for benefit determinations as data gathers in the system.

You can check the data that the employer has reported to the national Incomes register (

Employers have to report the wages, salaries, compensations, fringe benefits and compensations for travel costs that have been paid after 1 January 2019 to the national incomes register.

Kela recommends that the employer also reports data on employment, absence from work and type of earnings to the national incomes register even though the reporting of this information is voluntary for the employer. This way, they do not need to be reported to Kela separately.

A private household can calculate the wages it has paid for instance at ( in finnish and swedish). The data are automatically transmitted to the national incomes register.

What information should you also henceforth report to Kela?

For benefit determinations, Kela still needs some information that is not obtained from the national incomes register. The application forms and the e-service include information on the data that have to be submitted.

Other income-related data include for instance

  • trade union dues 
  • unemployment fund dues
  • rental income
  • interest income
  • dividends 
  • entrepreneurial income

If some data are missing from the application, Kela will ask you to provide them. 

When you apply for a benefit, we recommend that you use our e-service.

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