KIILA - Vocationally oriented rehabilitation for persons who are gainfully employed

The purpose of KIILA rehabilitation is to improve rehabilitation clients' ability to work and to support them in remaining economically active.

KIILA rehabilitation may be for you if

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Use the rehabilitation course search function to look up KIILA rehabilitation courses. Even if you cannot find a suitable course, you can still apply to KIILA rehabilitation. Kela can put together new KIILA rehabilitation groups based on applications from individual clients.

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  • you are employed or self-employed and have an illness that makes it more difficult for you to work
  • you have already received assistance from your occupational health provider or your workplace, but you feel it is not enough
  • you need expert advice on occupational issues and matters relating to well-being at work as well as on health and life management.

The rehabilitation must be started at a sufficiently early stage so as to secure your ability to remain economically active.

KIILA rehabilitation services are provided in cooperation with your occupational healthcare provider and your workplace. This cooperation is essential to maintaining and restoring your work capacity.

You can apply to KIILA rehabilitation even if you do not have occupational healthcare coverage. Also your primary healthcare provider or a private physician can recommend KIILA rehabilitation for you.


KIILA rehabilitation services are always planned for each rehabilitation client individually. They comprise an evaluation of the client’s circumstances, group-based and individual rehabilitation periods and a final period of rehabilitation wrapping up the process. The rehabilitation is implemented over a period of 1-1.5 years.

The services are provided to free of charge. You may also be entitled to a rehabilitation allowance for the duration of the rehabilitation. Kela also offers compensation for rehabilitation-related travel costs.

How to apply

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