Medical oxygen

Kela pays reimbursement at the basic rate (40%) for medical oxygen and the cost of renting oxygen containers and liquid oxygen units. You qualify for a reimbursement after meeting the initial deductible, which is €50 per calendar year.

The reimbursement is paid for a maximum of three months of treatment at a time. No reimbursement is paid for the cost of an oxygen enricher, the transportation of medical oxygen, or assistive equipment such as nasal cannulas.

Medical oxygen is not available on an electronic prescription.

How to claim reimbursement

  1. Fill in and print the claim form (SV 178e, PDF).
  2. Enclose with the claim:
    • the invoice by the oxygen provider
    • proof of payment
    • valid prescription or copy thereof (unless you have submitted it to Kela earlier)
      • If your prescription has already been submitted to Kela, make sure that it remains valid. Prescriptions are valid for one year after they are issued.
  3. Mail your application along with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.
  4. When you want to see if your claim has been decided, visit the online customer service.

When to claim

File your claim within 6 months of when you purchased the medication.

Additional reimbursement

The part that you pay for the oxygen out of your own pocket (including the initial deductible) counts towards the annual maximum on out-of-pocket medicine costs. After you have reached the annual maximum, you can authorise your oxygen provider to claim the additional reimbursement on your behalf on  Kela form (VAL 3, PDF).

You are entitled to the additional reimbursement for the rest of the year. This means that you pay a medicine-specific copayment of €0.21 for each new week of treatment. For a three-week treatment period, the total copayment comes to €2.50. You only pay one copayment even if you use several different oxygen containers and liquid oxygen units.

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