Basic social assistance vouchers

A voucher is a document in which Kela promises to pay all or part of the cost of a product or service for you. The recipient of the voucher (e.g. a pharmacy or a grocery store) sends an invoice to Kela.

 If you need a voucher for example for a rental security deposit or for eyeglasses, state that in the application under Additional information.

You or your family member can be granted a voucher. It is mailed to you along with the decision granting the voucher. Vouchers issued for the purchase of medication are transmitted electronically to the pharmacy.

The period of validity is shown on the voucher.

Vouchers may be granted for the following expenses:

  • food
    • included in the basic amount, reduces the amount of basic social assistance paid into your bank account.
  • medication
  • eyeglasses
  • travel costs
    • costs incurred by a non-custodial parent for seeing a child
    • travel costs related to medical care obtained from a public-sector provider
    • travel costs related to obtaining necessary documents
  • personal documents
    • passport, identity card or other necessary documents
  • heating costs (e.g. oil and firewood)
  • moving costs
  • rental security deposit
  • security deposit for the electric company
  • home insurance

How to use a voucher

The voucher is usually delivered to your home address by post. In urgent situations Kela will call you, and discuss with you where to deliver the voucher.

You can use it to pay for purchases of goods or services. Prove your identity when you use a voucher. If the voucher does not cover the full cost, you can spend your own money. You get no money back when using a voucher.

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