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Book an interpreter online

When you use online booking, it is easy to provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth process. Booking online is also the most secure option.

Book an interpreter online

When booking online, it is easy to provide all the necessary information. Booking online is the most secure option to book an interpreter. The form is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Online booking form (in Finnish)

Important about online booking

You can only make one booking at a time. If you wish to make several bookings, fill in a separate booking form for each.

Online bookings are intended for events lasting one day or less. If you need an interpreter service for studies, foreign travel, a camp or workshop, or some other kind of multi-day event, use another way to book an interpreter.

You cannot change or cancel bookings online. If you wish to change a booking, please contact the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled.

If additional information is needed, the Centre will contact you.

Making on online booking for someone else

You can also use the online booking form to book an interpreter for someone else. This requires that you have a power of attorney from the person you are representing. If you are booking an interpreter for someone else and have not yet provided the necessary power of attorney to Kela, attach it to the booking form. If you cannot give an authorisation and you have not been assigned a legal guardian, your close family member or someone else who looks after your interests and whom Kela has approved can book an interpreter for you.

Confirming a booking

Once you have filled in the online form and clicked on Send, a confirmation page will open in your browser stating that your booking has been sent. You can get a confirmation email by ticking the box ‘Haluan kopion tilauksesta sähköpostiini’ (I want to get a confirmation email). Make sure to provide your email address.


If no confirmation page is displayed, your booking has not been sent correctly. Close and relaunch the browser before trying again. If you still do not get a confirmation page, you should make the booking in some other way.

The online booking form uses JavaScript. If you have problems, first check that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If you do and still cannot make a booking, contact the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled.

To enable us to check whether your booking was received, please provide the following information:

  • your first and last name
  • the date and time you made the booking
  • your region
  • the online booking code (e.g. 91ZRGGJ7VJ).

The booking code helps us to identify the booking. It is displayed on the first page of the online booking. The code is not shown if you have JavaScript disabled in the browser settings.

Also describe your problem briefly. What error messages did you see? What happened right after you sent the booking request? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary during the booking?

Give us feedback

You can send feedback about using the online form to

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Last modified 22/2/2023

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