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Remote interpretation device provided by Kela

To receive remote interpretation, you need a smartphone, computer or tablet device as well as an online connection. You can borrow a suitable device from Kela if

  • you are entitled to interpreter service for the disabled
  • the situation in which you need interpreter assistance is compatible with remote interpretation and you agree to use remote interpretation
  • you do not own a suitable device.

When you get a remote interpretation device from Kela, you will receive a personal user ID for the service. Provide your user ID each time you use the remote service available from the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled (i.e., Kela). You must make sure that the user ID is always used. If you use some other remote service, you need not state your user ID.

Device from Kela only for remote interpreting

Kela’s remote interpretation devices and online connections are granted for remote interpretation purposes only. The device can be used for remote interpretation obtained from a service provider or from the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled.

Kela follows the use of the video remote interpreter service. If Kela finds that you do not use the device often enough, the right to use it will be withdrawn. Sufficient use of the video remote interpreter service means using the video remote interpreter service at least 12 times during a period of 4 months.

The right to a remote interpretation device from Kela may be withdrawn also if you misuse it for some other purpose than remote interpretation.

While abroad, a remote interpretation device or online connection provided by Kela may only be used for remote interpretation. If you plan to travel outside the EU or EEA and wish to use a Kela-provided remote interpretation device, tell the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled in advance. Please note that if you do not notify Kela, your right to use the device may be withdrawn and you may be required to pay back any costs caused by its use. 

How to apply for a device from Kela

  1. Send your application online:
    • Save the completed claim form on your device. Note that the claim must be in PDF format.
    • Log in to OmaKela. Select Tee hakemus.
    • Select Vammaisten tulkkauspalvelu and choose the benefit you are applying for.
    • Select the claim on your device and press Lähetä.
    • When you send your claim online you don’t need to sign it.
    • If you have supporting documents, send them via OmaKela after you have submitted your claim. If they are paper documents, you can photograph or scan them.
  2. You can also mail the application and the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

The device will be sent to you by mail

Kela will send you a remote interpretation device, for example a tablet computer featuring a camera, speakers and microphone. Kela will also provide you with a wireless 4G connection.

The device, including instructions for its use, will be sent to you by mail. Guidance in how to use the remote interpretation software is available on request.

When you no longer need the device, mail it back to Kela. The device is accompanied by a return envelope which you can use.


If you have problems using a Kela-provided computer that you cannot solve on your own, contact technical support by email to

Also contact technical support immediately if you misplace a Kela-provided remote interpretation device or it is stolen.

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Last modified 22/4/2021

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