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IT Services

  • Switchboard 020 634 11020 634 11, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 15:00
  • When calling from abroad +358 20 634 11+358 20 634 11
  • Email addresses of Kela's staff:

IT Director
Jukka Melanen

Anniina Venäläinen 

IT Unit for Service Provision
Arto Tamminen (temp.)

Head of the IT Unit for Shared Services
Tommi Karjalainen

Head of the IT Data Unit
Seppo Ruusukivi

Head of the IT Unit for the Health and Social Services Reform

Head of the IT Technology Unit
Hanna-Leena Parkkinen

Head of the Administration Unit for IT Operations
Erja Virta

Head of the IT Innovations Unit
Janne Pulkkinen

Head of the Information Security Unit
Henri Burtsov

Head of the IT Production Unit
Hanna-Leena Parkkinen (temp.)