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Job alternation compensation is paid for periods of job alternation leave

If you are working full-time, you can agree with your employer on a job alternation leave. The job alternation leave can last an uninterrupted period of 100 to 180 calendar days. The employer hires a substitute for the duration of the job alternation leave and the substitute must be an unemployed jobseeker.

Contact TE Services well in advance when you plan a job alternation leave.

Job alternation leave scheme will shut down in August 2024

The last day for starting a job alternation leave is 31 July 2024. After that, it will no longer be possible to take a job alternation leave or to receive job alternation compensation.

Read more about the change.

Eligibility for job alternation compensation

You are eligible for job alternation compensation for the period of job alternation leave, if you meet the following requirements:

  • It is at least 5 years since the previous job alternation leave ended.
  • You have been working for at least 20 years before the job alternation leave starts.
  • You have worked for the same employer continuously for at least 13 months. This period can include an unpaid period of absence of a maximum of 30 days.

There is an age limit for the job alternation leave. The employee must start the job alternation leave a minimum of three years before reaching the lower age limit for an old-age pension under the Employees Pensions Act. If your retirement age is for instance 64 years, you have to start the job alternation leave at the latest during the month when you reach the age of 61 years.

Where to obtain information on your employment history

You can check your employment history in your pension record. You can check your private-sector employments in the register of the Finnish Centre for Pensions (Eläketurvakeskus) at Data on employments with the State, local government or the Church are available from Keva (

The employment history includes your employments after you reached the age of 18 years.

How much is the job alternation compensation?

The job alternation compensation is equal to 70% of the basic unemployment allowance to which you would be entitled if you were unemployed.

The amount of the job alternation compensation based on the basic unemployment allowance is
EUR 26.05 per day

There is no waiting period that must be completed before qualifying for the job alternation compensation. The job alternation compensation is paid in retrospect once a month for a maximum of 5 days per calendar week.

You must pay taxes on the job alternation compensation.

How to apply for job alternation compensation

If you are a member of an unemployment fund, you should apply for job alternation compensation with the unemployment fund. In that case, the job alternation compensation is calculated on the basis of your earnings-related unemployment allowance.

If you are not a member of an unemployment fund, you can apply for job alternation compensation from Kela calculated on the basis of the basic unemployment allowance.

  1. Complete the joint application form for Kela and the unemployment funds for job alternation compensation at
    • Save the blank form to your device. Do not fill in the application directly in the browser, otherwise some of the information may not be saved.
    • Open the form with Adobe Reader and fill it in.
    • Save the completed form to your device. Note that the form must be in PDF format.
  2. Send the application using the OmaKela e-service:
    • Log in to OmaKela (available in Finnish and Swedish) and select Tee hakemus (File an application).
    • Select Työttömyys (Unemployment) and then Vuorottelukorvaus (Job alternation compensation).
    • When you send your application online, you do not need to sign it.
    • Send supporting documents via OmaKela after you have submitted your application. If they are paper documents, you can take a photograph of them.
  3. Visit the OmaKela e-service to see if your application has been decided, how much you will get and when your benefits will be paid. You can also see possible reminders concerning, for instance, any documents missing from your application. You will also receive a decision by post if you have not given up paper mail.

Another option is to send the application by mail. Fill in and print out the form. Send the application and any supporting documents by mail. The address is Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

The decision notice is only in Finnish or Swedish. If you need help with something, you can call one of our English language customer service numbers.

Report changes in your circumstances

Report any changes in your circumstances during the job alternation leave to Kela and TE Services, for instance if you interrupt the job alternation leave. Also report any work performed for your own or some other employer during the job alternation leave. Report the changes to Kela by sending us a message in the OmaKela e-service.

If you receive a wage or salary from part-time work or income from self-employment as a secondary business during the job alternation leave, the job alternation compensation will be adjusted to the income. You can use a calculator to estimate how your wage or self-employment income affect the job alternation compensation.

Do you still have questions?

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020 634 2550
Last modified 11/6/2024