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Medicinal Products Database

The Medicinal Products Database contains up-to-date information about all medicines on the Finnish market and about reimbursable emollient creams and clinical nutrients. The information is based on a database maintained by Kela.

Prices and reimbursements

Look up the price and reimbursement status of branded medicines and generic alternatives.

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The prices shown in the database are based on price notifications submitted by pharmaceutical companies. If a particular product is not reimbursable, the pharmaceutical company can price it freely. The price of reimbursable products may not be higher than the price confirmed by the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board. The Price column shows the retail price including value-added tax (VAT). The VAT rates are as follows: medicines, 10%; clinical nutrients sold without a prescription, 14%; and emollient creams, 24%.

Prices are updated on the 1st and 15th of each month. The same prices apply in all Finnish pharmacies.

When a product is dispensed on prescription, a €2.39 dispensing fee (incl. VAT) is added to the price at the pharmacy. The price at the pharmacy is therefore higher than the one shown in the Medicinal Products Database. If the dispensed product is reimbursable, the customer is paid a reimbursement also for the dispensing fee.

Clinical nutrients and emollient creams can be sold by pharmacies also without a prescription. The price at the pharmacy will be different from that shown in the Medicinal Products Database, because the pharmacies are free to price these products.


The Reimbursability column shows the highest reimbursement rate available for each product. Reimbursements are only available for prescribed products included in the reimbursement system.

There is a link in the column that leads to more detailed information on reimbursability. If a product is reimbursable at the special rate of reimbursement or reimbursability is limited, the reimbursement numbers link to the criteria that must be fulfilled to qualify for reimbursement.

Pharmaceutically equivalent products

In the Medicinal Products Database you can see which products are pharmaceutically equivalent and therefore substitutable at the pharmacy. The Equivalent products section allows you to check the price of the least expensive substitutable product.

You can see the reference price for medicines that are included in the reference price system. It is the highest price for which a reimbursement can be paid.

Reference prices are determined four times a year based on price notifications filed by pharmaceutical companies. New reference prices become effective on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Due to price competition brought about by generic substitution, the prices of many medicines may change two weeks after reference prices are updated.

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Last modified 25/1/2024