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OmaKela identification for other EU nationals

The common European eIDAS is an identification method for EU citizens that you can use to contact Kela with the identification tools available in your country.

After you have verified your identity, you will land on a customer service page where you can

  • write a message to Kela, ask for advice or request Kela to contact you
  • send applications or supporting documents to Kela.

Kela's application forms in PDF format can be downloaded from the Forms page. Fill in the application in as much detail as you can. The application may contain questions that are only relevant to Finnish nationals, such as the personal identity code, which is not required. 

How to manage your Kela-related matters online

  1. Select Kirjaudu - OmaKela at the top of the page.
  2. Select Ulkomaalaisen tunnistustavat and log in with an identification tool of your own country.
  3. Via the page you can send messages, application forms and attachments to Kela

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Last modified 2/6/2021

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