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Secure online services in OmaKela

Be careful when you log in to our e-service OmaKela. On the internet there are many fake websites that look very much like the real ones. Fake websites can also claim to be Kela. When the unsuspecting user enters his or her online banking credentials on a fake website, the criminals gain access to the user’s online bank and can even empty the user’s bank account. Fake websites can claim to be a bank, MyKanta or Kela.

The OmaKela e-service has no separate mobile application. You can only log in to OmaKela in the web browser at Do not log in to OmaKela via a link in your e-mail or via the search results provided by the search engine.

Instructions for secure use of OmaKela

  1. If you use a computer that is also used by others, for instance in a library or at one of Kela’s customer service points, and the previous user has left the web browser open, you should reopen the web browser.
  2. Write in the address field of the web browser. When you come to the page, a lock is shown beside the address field. This means that the data are sent securely to the website and they cannot be intercepted.
  3.  On the website, select the button Kirjaudu.
  4. The button Kirjaudu opens the page for login in the web service, where you can select the identification method of your bank or some other identification method of your choice. is a joint identification service for public-sector organisations, and also there the data are sent securely. The text is shown as part of the address and a picture of a lock is shown beside the address field.
  5. Log in using your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.
    • If you log in to OmaKela using your online banking credentials, Osuuspankki (OP) may appear as the service provider even of you use the online banking credentials of another bank.
    • If you use a mobile certificate, Telia may appear as the service provider. This does not affect the identification: you can always securely log in to OmaKela from the website
  6. When you no longer use OmaKela, remember to log out. Clear the browsing history and cache and close all open browser windows. This is especially important when you use a computer that is also used by others.
  7. Save the site among the bookmarks in the browser on your device or as a favourite. In that way, you can access the site directly without using search engines.


Last modified 28/2/2023

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