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Dose dispensing

Dose dispensing is a service by which a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy breaks down into single doses the medicines you regularly use and then delivers them to you.

You will usually receive a two weeks’ supply of the medicine. This means that you will not be left with a large number of unused medicines if your medication is changed.

The dose dispensing service starts after your doctor has agreed on it with you.

Reimbursements for dose-dispensed medicines

Reimbursements from Kela are available for dose-dispensed medicines in the same way as all other medicines.

Read more about the amounts and rates of medicine reimbursements

If your medicine is reimbursed at the higher special rate or you have met the annual maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs, you pay the copayment at an exceptional rate.

The pharmacy adds a dispensing fee to the price of all medicines. For dose-dispensed medicines, the dispensing fee is EUR 0.20 per week. If you get a reimbursement for the medicine, you will also get a reimbursement for the dispensing fee.

Reimbursements for the dose-dispensing fee

Kela can reimburse you for the dose-dispensing fee if

  • you have reached age 75
  • you have at least 6 reimbursable medicines that are suitable for dose dispensing when the dose dispensing starts
  • a doctor has checked that you are not taking any incompatible or redundant medicines
  • a doctor has found dose dispensing necessary and has marked your prescription accordingly

Pharmacies are free to price their dose-dispensing services.

Kela reimburses 40% of the dose-dispensing fee charged by the pharmacy. However, the maximum amount of reimbursement is EUR 1.26 a week. The reimbursement is usually provided to you directly at the pharmacy.

The part of the dose-dispensing fee that you have to pay does not count towards the initial deductible or the annual maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs. Additional reimbursement is also not available for it.

Kela does not provide reimbursements for dose dispensing arranged by the wellbeing service counties.

Last modified 14/2/2024