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Start-up grant for self-employment

The start-up grant is a form of assistance that helps you become self-employed and run a business despite having an illness or impairment.

It can help with the cost of starting a business or switching to a new line of business. The costs it can cover include:

  • acquiring necessary tools, machinery, equipment, furnishings, supplies and basic raw materials
  • upgrading business facilities (to a reasonable extent)
  • other necessary acquisitions.

You can also apply for a start-up grant if you already have a business and need tools and equipment for your personal use because of an illness or impairment.

Start-up grants are not available for the following :

  • regular business operating expenses (including rent, marketing, insurance, electricity or telephone)
  • buying business facilities.

Before awarding the grant, Kela evaluates whether the work and business activity you have planned is suitable in light of your illness or impairment. Your business prospects are evaluated as well.


The start-up grant can be equal to up to 80% of the approved cost estimate. The maximum amount available is EUR 17,000.

Start-up grants for self-employment are not subject to tax.

How to apply

Could a start-up grant help you move forward? Apply for a start-up grant for self-employment.

Last modified 2/8/2023