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Vocational rehabilitation assessment

The vocational rehabilitation assessment may be useful if your ability to work or study has decreased because of an illness or impairment and you need support sorting out your situation and the rehabilitation options.

A multidisciplinary team will help you identify and evaluate factors that impact your ability to work or study. Through individual discussions, you will get support drawing up a vocational plan. The plan will also serve as a guide as you move into or stay in the working world. You can also get support as needed in evaluating your options for medical rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation is provided at the provider’s site as close as possible to your place of residence. There are up to 12 days of active rehabilitation and 1–3 follow-up days. The duration is adjusted to your individual rehabilitation needs.

For more information on service providers that offer vocational rehabilitation assessments, use the rehabilitation service provider search.

The vocational rehabilitation assessment is free of charge to you. During rehabilitation, you may also be entitled to a rehabilitation allowance. Finally, Kela also offers compensation for rehabilitation-related travel costs.

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Last modified 28/5/2024