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Survivors’ pension offers economic security

  1. Apply for survivors’ pension from Kela

    Kela can provide financial assistance to the surviving spouse or the deceased person’s child in the form of survivors’ pensions. The survivors’ pensions include spouse's pension and orphan’s pension. You can apply for survivors’ pension from the start of the month following the death of the deceased.
  2. Find out if you can receive survivors’ pension also from other payers than Kela

    Survivors’ pension may possibly also be granted by the spouse’s or guardian’s authorised pension provider or for instance from industrial accident or motor insurance.
  3. Other things to remember

    The death of a family member also entails many other things to remember. We have compiled a checklist of them to make a difficult situation a little easier.

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Death of a close family member

The guide Death of a close family member on the website Suomi.fi provides information on how to take care of practical matters when a loved one dies.

Death of a close family member (suomi.fi)
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Housing allowance for pensioners

You are eligible for the housing allowance for pensioners if you are living permanently in Finland, you have a low income and you receive a pension which entitles you to the housing allowance for pensioners.

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