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Training try-out

A training try-out may be useful if you have an illness or impairment that makes it particularly difficult for you to choose a specific education or training programme. It also allows you to make sure that the programme you are planning to attend is suitable for you.

During the try-out you will get an idea of the demands that the education or training will place on you, and make sure that you are suited to a career in that particular field. The try-out will also help you specify your educational plan.

You get to choose the educational institution in which the try-out is arranged. You make the practical arrangements with the educational institution. During the try-out, you will get to know the educational institution and the content of the educational programme. You will have the opportunity to sit in on classes and to discuss study-related issues. That way you can gauge your level of interest and aptitude to the field of study.

A training try-out can last up to 10 days.

It is free of charge to you. Kela pays the costs of the try-out to the educational institution.

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Last modified 14/6/2023