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Tules telerehabilitation course

The Tules telerehabilitation courses are suitable for you, if

  • you are over 18 and you have been diagnosed with a back condition or a musculoskeletal condition affecting your neck, shoulders or upper or lower limbs
  •  you are working, returning to work, studying or receiving rehabilitation subsidy
  • your symptoms have continued for more than 3 months and have not been alleviated by outpatient physiotherapeutic rehabilitation or your own efforts at self-management
  • your condition makes it difficult for you to cope with your work or studies or to otherwise function in your daily life
  • you are able to function independently enough to be able to fully participate in a telerehabilitation course
  • you are motivated to improve your ability to work, study or function and to make lifestyle changes
  • you want to participate in a course that consists entirely of telerehabilitation.

The following are not accepted to the course:

  • persons whose need for rehabilitation is related to immediate follow-up care after treatment provided within the healthcare system or to rehabilitation needed after discharge from inpatient care
  • persons for whom group-based rehabilitation is not a suitable alternative
  • persons with an acute or untreated substance abuse problem.

Please note: You do not need a doctor’s statement to apply to a Tules telerehabilitation course. Your physiotherapist can recommend you for the course by completing a form that you include with the application.  

All diagnostic categories (back condition, musculoskeletal condition affecting neck, shoulders or upper or lower limbs) participate in the same course.

Use the course search to look up when courses are arranged

Use the search term “Tules telerehabilitation course”.

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Purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to provide support and guidance and to help you cope in everyday life. The course aims to increase your resources and skills so that you are able to participate in a variety of activities in your own living environment.

Content of the course and implementation

The rehabilitation is implemented as group rehabilitation taking each client’s individual goal and need for rehabilitation into consideration.

The rehabilitation is arranged entirely as telerehabilitation and includes videoconferencing, online rehabilitation and group-based days of rehabilitation.

Participation does not require particular IT skills. The service provider will give you an introduction into telerehabilitation.

The course is arranged entirely as telerehabilitation and consists of:

  • a video call introducing you to telerehabilitation
  • an initial conversation over video
  • online rehabilitation at a time suitable to you
  • guidance in online rehabilitation
  • 6 individual videoconferencing sessions
  • 8 group rehabilitation days lasting at least 4 hours.

A videoconferencing session lasts 45 minutes on average. The service provider will contact you before the telerehabilitation begins and after it has ended (individual and group-based contact). For the days of telerehabilitation, you can apply for rehabilitation allowance from Kela.

Course personnel

The course is implemented by the following experts:

  • doctor
  • physiotherapist
  • registered nurse or public health nurse
  • psychologist

Depending on your individual needs, other rehabilitation professionals may also take part.

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