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Rehabilitation and adaptation training courses

Kela provides rehabilitation and adaptation training courses for children, adolescents and adults and their families and others close to them.

The adaptation training courses help clients and their families to adjust to the changes brought about by an illness or a disability. The rehabilitation course provides support and rehabilitation to help clients to recover from their condition. During the course, the clients receive information about their diagnosis and get peer support and help with how to manage in daily life.

The courses are implemented as group rehabilitation. Courses for children are arranged as family courses allowing parents and siblings to participate too.

The courses are offered in Finnish but some of the courses are also available in Swedish and Sámi. See the course pages for more information. If a rehabilitation course is not available in Swedish or Sámi, interpretation into these languages is provided for the duration of the course for clients speaking Swedish or Sámi as their mother tongue.

Read about the courses

The courses are listed alphabetically, by diagnostic category. On the course website, there is information about the courses, the target groups and search instructions. Use the course search to find out when courses are arranged (in Finnish). By selecting Swedish as your desired language in the course search, you will see the courses available in Swedish. By selecting ‘All’ as the desired language, you will see all available courses. In the course search, you can see which courses are suitable also for clients in need of intensive medical rehabilitation.

If you cannot find a suitable course, check if you might be entitled to a period of individual rehabilitation. Read more about multidisciplinary individual rehabilitation

Financial assistance during rehabilitation

The rehabilitation services are provided free of charge. You may be entitled to rehabilitation allowance for the period of your or your child’s participation in rehabilitation. Read more about rehabilitation allowance

Kela also provides reimbursement for rehabilitation-related travel costs. Read more about travel costs.

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Last modified 22/4/2021