Acting on behalf of another person in the OmaKela e-service

It is possible to use the OmaKela e-service to handle the affairs of another person, but there are some limitations.

In OmaKela, it is possible to do the following on behalf of another adult:

  • see which matters are currently pending
  • keep up to date on their status
  • get details on upcoming payments

You cannot do the following:

  • apply for benefits or submit applications
  • access decisions issued to another person, with the exception of decisions issued recently on disability allowances, sickness allowances or student loan guarantees for adults. authorisation to use the e-services

Acting on someone’s behalf always requires that an adult has authorised another adult to manage their affairs. In the OmaKela e-service, customers must grant a so-called mandate to the person they wish to authorise. The mandate is called Sosiaaliturvan etuusasioiden hoitaminen (Handling of matters related to social security benefits). The mandate applies to all Kela-related matters, and cannot be restricted to apply to specific matters only.

Visit to grant a mandate.

It is not possible to act on behalf of a minor in the OmaKela e-service

Guardians cannot manage their underage children’s affairs in the OmaKela e-service. This restriction is in place to protect the privacy of the child and third parties: OmaKela does not support placing restrictions on the information that guardians can view when they access decisions or messages sent to the child. In an upgrade scheduled to be implemented in the next few years, guardians will get the ability to apply for benefits on behalf of their minor child.

There are two exceptions to the current restrictions: Guardians can apply for a European Health Insurance Card or for coverage under the Finnish social security system if the family is moving to or from Finland.

The mandate for guardians has not been implemented in the OmaKela e-service

Guardians can already grant themselves a mandate to manage their underage child’s Kela-related affairs online and request permission from the child’s other guardians. However, the mandate cannot yet be used to manage an underage child’s affairs in the OmaKela e-service.

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