Amount and payment of labour market subsidy

The unemployment benefit paid by Kela amounts to EUR 33.66 per day. The benefit is paid for five days per week (including mid-week holidays).


The unemployment benefit is increased if you care for children under the age of 18 years. The child increase amounts to

  • EUR 5.28 per day for one child
  • EUR 7.76 per day in total for two children
  • EUR 10.00 per day in total for three or more children

The child increase is payable starting from the birth of the child. You are also entitled to child increase for your spouse's/partner's under-age children if they life in the same household.

During participation in employment promoting services, the unemployment benefit can be paid at an increased rate for up to 200 days. The increase is EUR 4.79 per day.

Without increases, the amount of the unemployment benefit is on average EUR 724 per month (21.5 x EUR 33.66). You must pay tax on the unemployment benefit.

You can estimate the allowance due to you by means of a calculator application.

Your income affects the amount of the unemployment benefit.

Kela pays the benefit on the basis of the unemployment status report

Unemployment benefits are paid to your bank account every four weeks. Payment is made at the end of each four-week period. The first payment period is two weeks.

The activation model may still affect benefits payable in 2020

The activation model will be revoked as of the beginning of 2020. Starting from 1 January 2020, Kela will no longer monitor the activity of the recipients of unemployment benefits, and no reductions will be made to the unemployment benefits. The benefit will automatically revert to its normal level on 1 January 2020.

The activation model will affect unemployment benefits that have accrued in 2019, even though the date of payment is in 2020. The activation model may affect your unemployment benefit if you apply for an unemployment benefit retrospectively for a period in 2019, and you did not during that period satisfy the activity requirement.

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