Housing costs for which can you get general housing allowance

You can get housing allowance for a rental, owner-occupied, right-of-occupancy or part-ownership home. The home must be located in Finland and be suitable for permanent habitation.

The housing allowance is not available for all types of housing costs. Instead, so-called acceptable housing costs are defined for each type of housing. For example in a rented home, this includes the rent and any charges paid separately for water and heating. The size of the home is not relevant.

See what types of costs are accepted in different types of housing.

Maximum housing costs

The maximum amount of housing costs based on which you can get housing allowance is also specified by law. That amount is referred to as maximum housing costs and is proportional to

  • the number of adults and children in the household
  • the municipality in which the home is located.

You get housing allowance up to the amount of the maximum housing costs even if your actual costs are higher.

Finnish municipalities are divided into four groups according the cost of living there.

Select the municipality in which the home is located

Examples of maximum housing costs