When is it necessary to review a benefit?

Large and small changes in circumstances can affect the Kela benefits.

For some benefits just reporting the change is enough, but for some benefits you must file an application to review the benefit. Some benefits also have to be applied for again every year. Find out what changes you must report to Kela and how to do so.

Check your information and report changes in your circumstances

When you are applying to Kela for a benefit, you must make sure that all the information you provide is correct. You also have an obligation to report changes. If you do not report changes, you may be paid benefits you are not entitled to. In that case they will be recovered from you later. You may also lose benefits that you are entitled to.

Update your information in the OmaKela e-service

You can use the OmaKela e-service for example to report a new phone number or email address or a change in your marital or cohabitation status.

Log in to the OmaKela e-service

You should thus without delay report all changes that affect either the benefit amount or your entitlement to the benefit.

These situations include:

  • a change in income
  • a change in family circumstances
  • a change of residence
  • Work or stay abroad.

Report changes and ask for a review of your benefit in the OmaKela e-service or on a Kela form. If you cannot handle the matter online or on a form, call Kela, make an appointment for phone service, or visit a customer service point.

Contact Kela if you are unsure about whether a certain change could be relevant to your eligibility.

If you provide Kela with false information

If Kela suspects fraud, the case will be referred to the police for investigation. We do this even if you pay back the benefit that Kela has paid to you on false grounds.

Fraud may be suspected if someone

  • supplies erroneous information
  • knowingly withholds information that would affect the benefit
  • intentionally fails to report a change in circumstances that would affect the payment of the benefit.

Changes that must be reported, by benefit

Check the webpage for the relevant benefit to find out what changes you must report to Kela. The pages below describe how some of the most common changes in circumstances, such as moving or changes in income or family circumstances, affect Kela benefits.

How to report changes in the OmaKela e-service

You should keep your personal information up to date to ensure that your matters are handled swiftly and that you can be reached when necessary.

Change of address

You need not tell Kela if your address changes. We will get your new address automatically from the Population Information System after you have filed a notification of move. File a notification of move with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.